Police warning over fake bank notes

BUSINESSES in Battle and the surrounding area are being warned to be on the look out for fake bank notes.

Police say a number of shops and businesses in the area have been targeted by fraudsters who have been trying to palm off the counterfeit cash.

Officers are urging people to remain vigilant and report any dodgy notes and suspicious activity immediately.

Sergeant Paul Masterson, of the Battle Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We have been seeing some counterfeit notes circulating in the Battle area recently.

“Our advice is to remain vigilant at all times and check all notes as they are being passed in payments.

“Our advice to businesses is to be aware that those trying to pass counterfeit notes will often try to buy a low value item, using a high value note such as a £20 note.

“This is so that they can get away with your stock and money from your till.

“Ensure you report all counterfeit notes you encounter to police.

“Please continue to contact us with any suspicious activity you may witness at the earliest opportunity.”

Anyone who believes they may have fallen victim to the fraudsters should call Sussex Police on 101.