Police warning over ‘pushy’ salesmen

POLICE are urging Rother residents to take care when answering the door to unexpected callers following reports of ‘pushy’ doorstep sellers in Battle.

On Friday March 8 and Saturday 9, police received calls about doorstep sellers in Bowmans Drive and Tollgates.

The sellers, working for a security company, convinced an elderly couple and a single elderly lady to pay a deposit of £1,000 to have a new security system installed the following day at a total cost of £5,000.

It is thought that this company’s sellers have also been operating in the Peasmarsh and Hastings areas.

Inspector James Scott, of Rother Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Those reporting these incidents were able to cancel their deposits and the company involved have been spoken to with regard to their seller’s pushy tactics.

“They have also been reported to Trading Standards.

“I would like to urge anyone else experiencing problems with door step callers to also report them immediately to police on 101 and East Sussex Trading Standards on 0345 60 80 197.

“If you are worried about a neighbour, friend or family member who may be taken in by pushy doorstep sellers, whether a legitimate company or not, you can pick up ‘I don’t buy from doorstep sellers’ door stickers from your local police station or your PCSO.”

Residents are reminded to always ask for identification.

Never had over money or a deposit, don’t agree for work to start straight away, take time to discuss any work with family and friends and check prices elsewhere.

For more advice, call the Citizens Advice helpline on 08454 04 05 06.