Police warning over scams and rogue traders

Never reveal your bank details to telephone callers, warn police.
Never reveal your bank details to telephone callers, warn police.

The Rye area is being hit by a spate of cold calling scams and rogue traders.

In the past week police have been investigating reports at Northiam, Brede and Fairlight ranging from a rogue trader trying to sell an entire heating system to people receiving phone calls telling them they have won the Euro Lottery.

A home owner at Channel Way, Fairlight, received a call from someone who tried to get their bank details.

Rye police sergeant Warren Downs said: “We continue to receive reports of cold calling scams across the district.

“We advise residents not to give personal details, including bank details to anyone on the phone, especially sales people.”

In March this year an elderly Fairlight woman lost a substantial amount of money after falling victim to a telephone scam that resulted in her handing over bank cards to a man who called at her door.

The woman was called by a man claiming to be from Paddington police station in London.

He told her there had been fraudulent activity on her bank cards and told her to contact her bank for advice

She put the phone down and rang the number for her bank, but unknown to her the man had stayed on the line, took her card details and then told her that a courier would call to collect the cards.

Later a young man collected the cards and they were then used to withdraw cash from machines in Bexhill.

A police spokesman said: “Please remember to be cautious and vigilant to cold callers offering to carry out work on your home such as gardening and building work or anybody offering to purchase jewellery or other items from your home.

“Always ask for I.D from anybody who knocks at your door, even if it is an arranged appointment. Official visitors will always have ID to show you, but if you have any doubts call the company that the person purports to be representing. If the visitor is genuine, they will have no problem with this verification.”