Approved highways scheme ‘no longer adequate’


An approved scheme to improve the existing junction of the A28 and B2089 at Broad Oak, Brede, will be rescinded, according to East Sussex County Council.

The council’s highways and transportation committee approved the scheme in April 1978 but a council spokesman said the design standards are ‘no longer adequate’ following a review of approved highway schemes.

The proposal involved changing the B2089 into a through road with the A28 giving way to it, which would now require a purchase of land.

A spokesman for the council said: “A scheme to improve this junction was approved in 1978 but was never delivered and as long ago as 1980, was deemed no longer to be an appropriate solution.

“Approved highways schemes are recorded on official documents and may affect nearby property owners, who could claim that the approved scheme represents a blight on their property.

“The fact that this scheme was designed to 1970s design standards which are no longer adequate and that delivering it would require a compulsory purchase of land means that this scheme is unlikely ever to be delivered.

“For these reasons, the council is recommending that the lead member for transport and environment addresses what is essentially a historical anomaly and formally rescinds this scheme.

“We are aware there are some concerns from residents regarding safety at this junction and it was last year identified as a local safety site, with cutting back of vegetation and some signage improvements being approved.

“We are continuing to work with the parish council to explore whether any further appropriate safety improvements might be feasible in the future.”