Here are the Labour candidates standing in the Rother elections

A voter ID system was trialled in North Kesteven at the May local elections.
A voter ID system was trialled in North Kesteven at the May local elections.

Here is the full list of Labour candidates, who are standing in the Rother District Council elections, which take place next Thursday (May 2).

Alan Bearne (Bexhill Sackville)

Alan Bearne. SUS-190904-113956001

Alan Bearne. SUS-190904-113956001

Alan has had a lifetime career in managing community projects, supporting volunteers and training carers. Now retired but active in the community Alan is on the Bexhill Dementia Action Alliance and Bexhill Fairtrade committees and also runs oral history groups in residential homes. Alan is a proud Unison member. He said: “As a councillor I will represent the people of Sackville ward with a strong voice and a steely determination.”

Alan Watton (Bexhill St Stephens)

A community man, I support Labour’s five pledges and believe they can bring real change to the area. Labour’s commitment to protecting public services is important as we could be facing a whole series of cuts from the Tories. Labour are also committed to supporting the creation of a Bexhill Town Council, giving residents a real voice. Labour will reinstate the 100% council tax reduction for the poorest residents. Labour will fix the Rother Housing Crisis by building much needed social housing twinned with decent infrastructure. Labour will support, protect and preserve our local heritage and environment. Vote Labour.

Beverley Coupar (Sedlescombe and Westfield)

Beverley Coupar SUS-191104-095044001

Beverley Coupar SUS-191104-095044001

Beverley was born in Hastings and has lived in Sussex all her life. Her home is now in Sedlescombe with her husband James and two young children. Beverley spent 15 years working in the education sector, supporting young people into education and employment and was an education manager for the local authority prior to giving up work to be a full-time mum. Beverley is a member of Sedlescombe School PTA. Beverley said: “As a local girl and mother of two young children, I want our community to be the best place for my family to grow up in.”

Bob Ball (Eastern Rother)

Bob is a retired scientist who moved with his wife to the area 25 years ago to work for a small company near Battle helping design and manufacture scientific instruments for research applications. He has lived for the last 11 years in Pett Level. Bob is very interested in the environment and is a volunteer at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve and other conservation organisations. Bob said: “I love this beautiful area and if elected I would take a special interest in protecting the local environment.”

Bob Sharkey (Bexhill Collington Ward)

Bob Ball SUS-191104-094537001

Bob Ball SUS-191104-094537001

Born in 1939, the proud son of Irish immigrants, Robert Sharkey spent most of his working life as an engineer. A proud trade unionist, Robert saw the advancement of workers’ rights as a direct result of union efforts. Now retired, with three children, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, Robert is proud to represent the Labour Party, which he first joined in 1969, and supports Labour’s pledges for Rother District Council. Those pledges are: A Bexhill Town Council, 100 per cent Council Tax Reduction for the poorest, building truly affordable housing, protecting public services and preserving local heritage and culture.

Cheryl Creaser (Rye and Winchelsea)

Cheryl lives with her partner Harry in Rye, where she is a town councillor and currently vice-chairman of the council’s planning committee. Cheryl is also a member of the Rye Neighbourhood Plan Working Group (RNP), Human Resources and Heritage Centre Options Working Groups. Cheryl said: “I wish to continue to serve my community to the best of my ability and will use the opportunity to represent, promote and protect the interests of the residents of Rye.”

Christine Bayliss (Bexhill Central Ward)

Bob Sharkey SUS-190904-125818001

Bob Sharkey SUS-190904-125818001

Christine runs a successful consultancy company specialising in providing project management and community engagement support. She lives on Channel View with husband Tony and their dog ‘Jasper’. Christine is an active member of the community. She is treasurer for the Town Forum and is Vice Chair of the Trust that runs King Offa Primary Academy. Together with Doug Oliver and others she founded Democracy4Bexhill, the pressure group that campaigns for Bexhill to have its own Town Council. She has also actively supported the Bexhill skate park community. Away from politics and work, Christine is a keen gardener and likes to keep fit.

Christopher Husbands (North Battle, Netherfield and Whatlington)

Christopher Husbands retired from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2010, when he moved to live in Battle. While employed, one of his research interests was the study of political parties. An active trade unionist while employed and also a long-term member of the Labour Party, he has fought a number of previous local elections as a Labour candidate. He is particularly concerned about climate change and environmental issues and sees a number of issues on these topics on which Rother District Council should show greater local initiative.

Elaine Lee (Southern Rother)

Elaine was born in Hastings and has lived in the area all her life. For the past 11 years she has made Guestling her home with her husband Jonathan. Elaine is the manager of Christians Against Poverty Life Skills courses in Hastings, and is a member of the Circuit Leadership Team for Hastings, Bexhill and Rye Methodist Churches. Elaine said: “With my work with CAP I am aware of the hidden poverty in rural areas and I want to work to alleviate it.”

Graham Good (Robertsbridge)

Cheryl Creaser SUS-191104-093032001

Cheryl Creaser SUS-191104-093032001

Raised in Mountfield and played football for Robertsbridge in the 1960s. A retired teacher and youth worker for 40 years and more recently a postman and now retired since Christmas. I had 12 years as a councillor in Camden in north London in the 80s and 90s. I am an organic gardener, a member of the Sussex Wildlife Trust and sit on the Board of the East Sussex and Hastings RSPCA. I am standing because I think people deserve and alternative to the Liberal Democrats and Tories who enthusiastically support austerity and all the misery that is having. It was Vince Cable who privatised Royal Mail and I have watched it being asset stripped for short-term profit. We need to reverse the cuts in the police, local bus services, libraries and health service. A green socialist who wants to change the extremes of private wealth and sadness of public squalor we have today, and act on global warming and environmental degradation

I am a keen sportsman, and FA Coach, and MCC Cricket Coach and until recently a referee in local football leagues.

Jacqueline Walker (Bexhill St Marks)

My name is Jacqueline Walker and I am your Labour candidate for St Marks Ward. Rother District Council does not reflect the hopes and wishes of the people of this area. The present councillors, mostly don’t even live in Bexhill, Recently it took a private resident, who raised a petition to get a dangerous and ugly disused phone box removed by the present council. My particular interests are education and the housing needs of the future citizens of this wonderful area. Bexhill has a wonderful history. Let’s make it even better!

James Cakebread (Brede and Udimore)

James is originally from South London and is proud to have made Rye his home for more than 25 years. James is a retired builder and furniture maker. James said: “I will always fight against inequality in our country and it is really important that the villages of Brede, Broad Oak and Udimore get their voices heard at Rother District Council. Austerity has failed. I will urge for the introduction of a 100 per cent Council Tax reduction for the poorest Rother residents. So that they do not suffer due to the recklessness of the banks.”

Jane Emery (Northern Rother)

I’m Jane Emery, and I’m one of your Labour Party candidates for Northern Rother. I’ve lived in Staplecross for 23 years, raising two daughters with my partner and acting as a Parent Governor at my daughters’ school. I’ve worked in local childcare settings for many years, and now work for East Sussex Library Service. I love being part of our local community, am passionate about early-years provision, and ensuring adequate funding for the public services that make Northern Rother a better, safer, and happier place to be. In a period of national uncertainty, it’s more important than ever that we have a strong voice for our community to ensure that our services are protected and improved. Vote for me to ensure that your voice is heard.

John Gately (South Battle and Telham)

I have lived in Battle for more than 25 years and I work for a local construction company. My children went to Battle, Langton and Claverham schools. As a socialist I know I am in a minority in Rother but my concerns are the concerns of every Battle resident. Local Government has had its power cut back over a long period of time but with the austerity agenda which was started off by the Lib Dem / Conservative coalition what any council can do is severely limited. I think we need to be realistic, not promise the earth, but do our utmost to hold the Rother Tories to account over the decisions they make with our money.

John Walker (Bexhill Kewhurst)

I am John Walker, retired service engineer, happily married and father of four. I am standing for election as your Labour candidate in the Kewhurst ward of Bexhill. I believe it is time for a change within the Rother District Council as for too long the ruling clique within the RDC have run the council without adequate scrutiny. I favour a Town Council, bus services improvement and the preservation and improvement of services for the elderly. If elected I would hope to become closer and more responsive to the people of Kewhurst.

Jonathan Lee (Rye and Winchelsea)

Jonathan has lived in Guestling with his wife Elaine for the past 11 years and has lived in the Hastings and Rye area for 35 years. Jonathan is a retired nurse and worked at the Conquest Hospital for 28 years. As Secretary of UNISON Hastings & Eastbourne Healthcare Branch, he has supported staff and campaigned to protect the NHS services locally. Jonathan said: “I am committed to protect the public services for our community. Only with a strong Labour voice at Rother District Council and Peter Chowney as our MP, will the crucial services we require be maintained and improved.”

Larry Hyett (Northern Rother)

Larry is married and has three daughters and six grandchildren. After running a successful business he is now retired but is involved with several organisations on a voluntary basis. He is Chairman of his communities Village Hall and Battle Labour Party and is a founding member of his parish allotments association. Larry enjoys reading, playing bowls and regularly displays interesting items in Battle Library. He has experience of being appointed to school governing bodies, local authority committees and has worked with the unemployed at a skills centre. Larry’s latest achievement is to be elected as a Parish Councillor. He is an avid believer in accountability of elected representatives.

Nick Warren (Southern Rother)

Nick lives in Icklesham with his wife Kim, where he is a parish councillor and currently chairman of the council’s planning committee. Nick is the manager of Hastings Christians Against Poverty Debt Advice Centre, a Senior Street Pastor and an Elder at St Helens Anglican Church in Hastings. Nick is also secretary of The Icklesham Trust and treasurer of Icklesham Parish Community Land Trust Ltd.

Paul Courtel (Bexhill Central Ward)

An industrial economics graduate, Paul has been the market analysis specialist for Britain’s leading medical electronics company. He lives in Bexhill Central ward. In May 2014, he raised the profile of parking enforcement when he chaired a Bexhill Town Forum meeting on this issue that attracted over 250 people.In autumn 2014, Paul coordinated the successful campaign to retain the weekday timetable for the bus service from central Bexhill to the Conquest Hospital. He’s been a key organiser in the D4B campaign for a Bexhill Town Council. He supports the work of HUG (the Bexhill Homelessness Unity Group) to address street homelessness.

Richard Sage (Bexhill Old Town and Worsham)

Richard is a retired teacher who has lived in Bexhill for the last nine years. Married for 45 years with two children and four grandchildren. A keen sports fan and a passionate Portsmouth fan who watches live sport at every opportunity. In the summer you’ll find him umpiring at a cricket match as often as possible. He volunteers for a local Bexhill charity and at many local school sports events. He is Chairman of both a Bexhill school’s Governing Board and a Bexhill housing association. Already busy in retirement he would welcome the chance to work for the people of Bexhill on Rother council.

Roger McCarthy (Bexhill Sidley)

Following my retirement from a career as a policy analyst and project manager, I made a positive choice to get involved in my local community. The shops I use are closing, the roads and pavements are getting worse and the look of the place seems to slowly worsen. I hear everyone on the council talk about regeneration and parking and housing but nothing ever seems to actually happen. It doesn’t have to be this way. What we need in Sidley are councillors who will strengthen our village and the sense of community, rather than slowly killing it with endless cuts.

Sam Coleman (Bexhill Sidley)

A carer from the age of 11, I have always put helping others at the heart of what I do. Now an actor and teacher, I’ve decided to stand to represent my village, Sidley, as I know I have something to offer. Community is an important aspect of Sidley and I want to elevate that by giving locals a real voice on the council. I support the Labour pledges: A Bexhill Town Council, 100 per cent Council Tax relief for the poorest, genuinely affordable housing with infrastructure to support it and real support for our communities. Vote Labour in Sidley.

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Christine Bayliss SUS-190904-101851001

Christine Bayliss SUS-190904-101851001

Christopher Husbands SUS-190418-172729001

Christopher Husbands SUS-190418-172729001

Elaine Lee SUS-191104-092335001

Elaine Lee SUS-191104-092335001

Graham Good SUS-190426-131837001

Graham Good SUS-190426-131837001

Jacqueline Walker SUS-190904-103209001

Jacqueline Walker SUS-190904-103209001