Tories lose overall control of Rother District Council

The Conservative Party has lost overall control of Rother District Council.

The Rother District Council election count took place in the De La Warr Pavilion

Heading into the elections on May 2, the Tories held 29 of the 38 council seats.

However, after losing 12 of the 13 seats it held in Bexhill, the Conservative Party lost overall control of the council when the Liberal Democrats won in North Battle, Netherfield and Whatlington.

The new make-up of Rother District Council is: 13 Independents, 14 Conservatives, 7 Liberal Democrats, 3 Labour and 1 Green.

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FULL RESULTS (in order they were announced)

Bexhill Central

Abul Azad (Cons) 555Christine Bayliss (Lab) 788Paul Courtel (Lab) 694Joy Hughes (Con) 416Roger Williams (UKIP) 226Turnout was 36.62 per cent

Bexhill Kewhurst

John Dicker (UKIP) 151Brian Drayson (Ind) 1,071Brian Kentfield (Con) 553Martin Kenward (Con) 388Lynn Langlands (Ind) 1,181John Walker (Lab) 167Turnout was 44.03 per cent

Bexhill Old Town and Worsham

Vivienne Bond (Lib Dems) 236Bill Bullin (Ind) 254Polly Gray (Green) 326Gillian Johnson (Con) 220Chris Madeley (Ind) 286Michael Phillips (UKIP) 157Jacqueline Potts (Con) 177Richard Sage (Lab) 141Turnout was 31.82 per cent

Bexhill Collington

Patrick Douart (Con) 318Deirdre Earl-Williams (Ind) 1,287John Gray (Green) 232Doug Oliver (Ind) 1,234Alison Phillips (UKIP) 134Bob Sharkey (Lab) 106Mark Todd (Green) 132Maurice Watson (UKIP) 247Turnout was 48.88 per cent

Bexhill Pebsham and St Michaels

Jay Brewerton (Ind) 738Barbara Clark (Con) 309Charles Clark (Ind) 1,022Michael Graham (UKIP) 178Betty Waterhouse (Con) 174Turnout was 37.47 per cent

Bexhill Sackville

Sheila Allen-Rogers (UKIP) 238Alan Bearne (Lab) 290Terry Byrne (Ind) 718Ian Hollidge (Con) 484Hazel Timpe (Ind) 694Robert Wheeler (Con) 409Turnout was 37.69 per cent

Bexhill Sidley

Sharon Blagrove (Con) 382Jim Carroll (Con) 438Sam Coleman (Lab) 498Roger McCarthy (Lab) 381John Zipser (UKIP) 285Turnout was 27.95 per cent

Brede and Udimore

Wayne Andrews (UKIP) 59James Cakebread (Lab) 78Derek Greenup (Lib Dem) 58Ian Jenkins (Ind) 260Jonathan Johnson (Con) 303Turnout was 41.45 per cent

Bexhill St Marks

Wendy Dash (Lib Dems) 128Michael Ensor (Con) 318Sarah Errington (Ind) 1,116Kathy Harmer (Ind) 1,213Kay Maynard (Con) 243Jacqueline Walker (Lab) 98Christine Zipser (UKIP) 116Turnout was 46.06 per cent

Burwash and the Weald

John Barnes (Con) 683Eleanor Kirby-Green (Con) 606Laurel Lindstrom (Lib Dem) 360Mary Varrall (Lib Dem) 425Andrew Wedmore (Green) 369Turnout was 37.22 per cent

Catsfield and Crowhurst

Nicky Bishop (Green) 172Gary Curtis (Con) 280Tracy Dixon (Lib Dem) 198Tony Smith (UKIP) 79Turnout was 38.4 per cent

Bexhill St Stephens

Richard Carroll (Con) 321Ashan Jeeawon (Ind) 683Dick Kempson (Green) 376Lynn Sharp (UKIP) 220Mark Sivyer (Con) 294Richard Thomas (Lib Dems) 380Alan Watton (Lab) 179Turnout was 39.41 per cent

Eastern Rother

Bob Ball (Lab) 304Sally-Ann Hart (Con) 753Paul Osborne (Con) 722Sue Schlesinger (Lib Dem) 368Turnout was 34.64 per cent


Graham Good (Labour) 51Robert Morris (Con) 220Sue Prochak (Lib Dem) 569Turnout was 41.65 per cent

North Battle, Netherfield and Whatlington

Vikki Cook (Lib Dem) 963Kathryn Field (Lib Dem) 1,059Christopher Husbands (Lab) 145Bernard Mabon (UKIP) 165Paul Redstone (Con) 340Louise Salter (Con) 389Turnout was 43.37 per cent

Hurst Green and Ticehurst

Mary Barnes (Con) 704Graham Browne (Con) 685Don Nicholls (Green) 412Martin Saunders (Lib Dem) 502Turnout was 32.32 per cent

Northern Rother

Jane Emery (Lab) 278Tony Ganly (Con) 935Stephen Hardy (Lib Dem) 506Larry Hyett (Lab) 176Martin Mooney (Con) 877Turnout was 40.59 per cent

South Battle and Telham

Daniel Coughlan (Con) 164Kevin Dixon (Lib Dem) 406John Gately (Lab) 68Turnout was 37.78 per cent

Sedlescombe and Westfield

Beverley Coupar (Lab) 391Carl Maynard (Con) 718Jim Philcox (Con) 654Jonathan Vine-Hall (Ind) 866Turnout was 40.14 per cent

Rye and Winchelsea

Cheryl Creaser (Lab) 397Ruth Green (UKIP) 207Chris Hoggart (Ind) 451Jonathan Lee (Lab) 314Howard Norton (Lib Dem) 453Gennette Stevens (Con) 538Jayne Stevens (Con) 407Turnout was 39.04 per cent

Southern Rother

Roger Bird (Con) 742Elaine Lee (Lab) 235Andrew Mier (Lib Dem) 787Chris Saint (Con) 664Nick Warren (Lab) 314Turnout was 46.35 per cent