Pontins staff sacked over disputed claims of ‘gross misconduct'

Dozens of Pontins have been dismissed from work over disputed claims of 'gross misconduct'. Photo by Sid Saunders.

Dozens of staff members have been dismissed from Pontins Camber Sands over disputed claims of gross misconduct.

According to the former staff members, around 30 people were dismissed from the holiday park on Thursday, November 2. All the staff were told they had been dismissed with immediate effect due to gross misconduct – an allegation which they strongly deny.

Since their sudden dismissal, many of the former employees have joined forces in an effort to seek legal advice and to call attention to what they believe to be unfair treatment.

A spokesman for the group said: “Staff were handed letters by head office stating gross misconduct and no further details, no disciplinary [hearings], no meetings, no conversation between head office and staff. Just a simple ‘please leave the park’. [The letters] were all written exactly the same just with a different staff name and address.

“It is disgusting how we have been treated, some were even escorted from the park without reason.”

According to the former staff, when the company was asked for specific allegations of gross misconduct some were told they had ‘clocked in’ fraudulently to claim pay for work they did not do.

This specific allegation is strongly denied by the former employees. At least one staff member given this reason by the company claims ‘clocking in’ was not part of their role as a deputy manager and it would be impossible for them to do so.

A spokesperson for Pontins Camber Sands said: “After an investigation into allegations of fraud and theft of company property, we were unfortunately left with no option but to terminate the contracts of some staff.

“We have since relocated a number of colleagues from across our group to ensure that we continue to deliver the quality of service our customers expect at Camber Sands and we will continue to operate as normal until the end of the season.”

Photo by Sid Saunders.

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