Powdermill Stream flood warning remains in place

The UK Environment Agency has issued a flood warning for Powdermill Stream at Crowhurst, near Battle, from the Post Office to the Recreation Ground South of Sandrock Hill Road

Overnight it said that although water levels at Crowhurst are high they were beginning to drop overnight. However, with further rain forecast this (Sunday) morning water levels may respond rapidly. They will continue to monitor the situation closely and update this warning as necessary.

Agency advice is to move family, pets and valuables to a safe place, Turn off gas, electricity and water supplies if safe to do so, and put flood protection equipment in place.

The nearby areas of Combe Haven, Watermill and Hollington Streams have a flood alert attached to them, which means the agency believes there is no threat to property, but localised ‘low level’ flooding of roads and fields is likely.

A flood alert posted overnight on the Rivers Tillingham and on the Brede Area is likely to be removed later today as water levels recede.

Call Floodline on 0845 988 1188, select option 1 and enter Quickdial number 012443 to get more information.