Praise for the county council gritting teams

RYE Community Bus kept going during the recent snow and icy weather.

And Pat Hughes, operations manager for Rye Community Transport, praised East Sussex County Council’s gritting teams.

She said: “We would like to express our congratulations and gratitude to those intrepid and extremely hard working members of East Sussex County Council’s snow clearing and gritting teams, as well as those from the Highways Agency.

“We would also like to thank Rye Town Councillors and those individuals who got out there and ensured that the main roads, bus routes and many paths and pavements in key areas were cleared after the snowfall.

“On the Monday we were able to run the 326 route in full, apart from the problem caused in Cadborough Cliff by an abandoned car, and people were able to get out to the shops.

“On Tilling Green the roads used on the bus route were cleared and gritted but it is not possible or reasonable to expect the county council to deal with the smaller roads and cul-de-sacs, many of which are difficult to get a large vehicle along because of parked cars.

“Perhaps when the severe weather plan in Rye is assessed it might be possible for the housing associations (Amicus Horizon and Orbit) to provide a crew to assist in future efforts. After all, as the success of these efforts showed, so much more is achieved when the community works together.”