Print makers to show skills at Rye exhibition

Nick Archer
Nick Archer

A forthcoming exhibition The Print Garden at Rye Art Gallery will include three print makers from the School Creative Centre in Rye.

Paula MacArthur, Nick Archer and Elizabeth Barton are all experienced printmakers who have taken advantage of the new Print Room facility at the School Creative Centre, Rye, where they are based.

This major exhibition of print works takes place at Rye Art Gallery from Saturday February 22 to April 6 in a joint celebration of the new Print Room.

Other artists featured will include Norman Ackroyd RA, Sarah Young and Edward Bawden.

The Print Room has facilities for making many kinds of prints – from mono printing and dry point to any intaglio process.

Paula MacArthur is now also starting solar plate etching , a newish process in which a steel plate is coated with a light sensitive polymer and then exposed to ultra violet light, such as the sun.

This method can be used with photographs or drawn or painted images to create a “positive” which is then laid on a plate and exposed.

Elizabeth Barton, originally from New Zealand, is the third featured School Creative Centre artist and majored in printmaking at art school.

Paula MacArthur and Nick Archer will be talking about their work in the Gallery on Tuesday March 4 at 2pm.