Pub’s tale 
of murder 
is a thriller

Murder mystery at The Mermaid Inn
Murder mystery at The Mermaid Inn

The year is 1923……… At an invitation-only dinner party, held at Rye’s famous Mermaid Inn to celebrate the opening of ‘Cinque’, the town’s first modern art gallery owned by Julian Cashin, a murder is committed!

This was the scene for an incredibly successful fundraising evening held at The Mermaid Inn, Rye last Friday. Judith Blincow the proprietor of The Mermaid Inn has always been a staunch supporter of local charity ARRCC, and generously agreed to host the evening in the Tudor Room.

Roy Appsm BAFTA award winner who runs workshops for Members from ARRCC and ARRCC Elders, wrote the script.

The Queens Head, Rye also supported the event with Jonathan Breeds, Ian Potter and Mike Boyd playing 3 of the main characters: a suave ‘Julian Cashin’, a suspicious ‘Inspector le Strand’ and vague village bobby ‘Sergeant Dim Church’.

60 guests in their colourful ‘flapper costumes’ enjoyed pre dinner cocktails whilst Patrick Cox-Smith another ARRCC volunteer entertained them with Charleston music on the piano. This was the moment for the guests to watch out for clues and red herrings, suddenly a shot was heard, a scream and artists model ‘Amber Sand’ was lying on the floor ‘dead!’

Fabia le Poseur (Jenny Edbrooke Artist and Tutor at ARRCC) gave a very convincing performance of a London Art Critic/drugs dealer. Tom Nicolaysen and

Sue McNeil were suitably regal as the ’Compte and Comptess d’Un Jeunesse’.

Jean Smith totally convincing as the avenging mother ‘Dora Minty Kendal’ who murdered poor ‘Amber Sand’. Martin Blincow charming and devious as ‘Donal Drake aka ‘Freddie the Fish’.

After the ‘curtain call, a magnificent Christmas Cake made by Jo Pickard a Volunteer at ARRCC was raffled in a silent auction and raised £257.00.

The final figure from the whole evening will be revealed in next week’s Rye Observer!