Public to have a say in Town Plan

A NEW Rye Town Plan will influence issues affecting Rye such as the environment, transport and planning.

A steering group, comprised of six Rye councillors and five community representatives, is almost at the stage where the Plan can go out to public consultation.

Deputy chairman of the Steering Group Colonel Anthony Kimber said: “Public consultation is a key requirement on the Council and Steering Group.

“There will be a programme of meetings, publications and the use of electronic platforms such as Facebook.

“One of the first steps has been for the Council to agree the planning area as the Rye Parish Area. However, as future development in Rye and in adjacent parishes may have impacts on each other.

“It should not be underestimated how important this plan is. It provides a golden opportunity for the people of Rye to have their say about the way the town develops in the future. The Steering Group will be looking for wide participation in the planning process”.

Rye Mayor Councillor Shaun Rogers, who is chair of the Steering Group said: “Hopefully we can progress the plan in the next few months and take it out to the public.”

The public events will be launched on 17 October at 7pm in Rye College and the process will provide ample opportunity for individual members of the public and community groups to influence the plan. Early interest can be lodged on the Facebook page or input by email - or Facebook: .