Pumpkin power at Battle Abbey School


Battle Abbey School is getting ready to celebrate Halloween by holding its first ever Pumpkin competition.

Pumpkins were distributed to those who wanted to take part in the decorating competition, with the head of Catering sourcing an amazing 150 pumpkins for the event.

Pumpkins were brought back into school with a huge range of exciting designs demonstrating the ingenuity of the students including everything from a Norman helmet, a Tardis, an owl, and many faces, ranging from scary to cute and very funny.

The sixth form helped to set up a fantastic display in the Abbot’s Hall and the winners, judged by Battle Abbey Schools Catering team, were presented with their prizes.

The runners up were presented with chocolates.

The winners were: cutest ; Sophie Elion 7KD; funniest: Amalie Primdal 7KD; scariest: Sam Hall year 10; happiest: Oliver Grainge 11PS; most creative; Lauren Ensign 11AR; goriest: Zac Soliman 9EC; classic; Oliver Philpott 11AC; the best accessory: Ellie Bostock-Smith 7EM; the most intricate design:Jessica Montford 8EF.

The ultimate winner of originality was Austin Alexander (Year 7) who won the ultimate prize- the weight of his 1.9kg pumpkin in chocolate.

Competition Coordinator and Head of Geography Mr Malewicz, said: “The event was a huge success and the pumpkins remained on display for the Sixth Form Open Evening, where they attracted many compliments, and went on to form a display for the Schools Harold’s Night disco.

“The combination of the annual celebrations of Harold’s Night and the Pumpkin event just showed the family spirit of Battle Abbey, with the mix of tradition and quirkiness.’

“Thank you so much to the students for putting in so much effort. It made it so worth the time spent organising this to see so many happy faces and the masterpieces created.

One of the best moments was seeing all the students leave school on Monday hugging their pumpkins with massive grins on

their faces.

Are you planning on celebrating Halloween? Send us in your pictures.