Pupil, 16, flees Buckswood coach inferno

School bus inferno
School bus inferno

A 16 year old female pupil from Buckswood School escaped to safety when a school coach burst into flames.

She was the only passenger travelling on the coach when a suspected electrical fault caused it to catch fire on the A259 at Bexhill Road.

Flames quickly engulfed the vehicle and the fire was so intense that it caused heat damage to nearby property.

The driver of the vehicle escaped serious injury but was taken to the the Conquest Hospital.

Two other vehicles were involved in the blaze and fire crews were also concerned about damage to three properties in the vicinity.

Fire engines were called to the scene at 6.30pm last Friday on the A259 between Harley Shute Road and Seaside Road in Hastings.

The incident resulted in serious disruption, causing the road to be blocked for four hours.

It was finally re-opened at 9.30pm.

Buckswood School, at Guestling, operates two coaches and a number of mini-buses .

Buckswood spokesperson Viki Ireland said: “The coach that transported the Hastings and Bexhill children home on Friday developed what appears to be an electrical fault and a fire ensued.

“There was only one sixth-former on the coach at the time and that student was escorted from the coach safely in accordance with our safety and evacuation procedures.

“The coach subsequently developed a fire which the fire service extinguished.

“ The student and the driver are well and unharmed, and the school wishes to pass on its sincere thanks to all involved in the incident and apologise to all caught in the traffic due to the subsequent road closure. “

Buckswood Headmaster, Mr. Sutton said: “We are glad that no one was hurt and along with the student’s family we would like to publicly praise the driver for his quick action, under our stringent safety policies, relating to the safe operation of the Buckswood transport network”.