Pupils take over at Icklesham School

Ick School take-over
Ick School take-over

TEACHING and admin staff at Icklesham Primary had to stand aside to make way for children when Year 5 pupils held a recent Take Over Day.

Children took on the role of adult staff, calling the register and working in the office.

Darcie did the register and she also got to be a secretary with Lucy-Mae and Mrs Haddock. Then Ava and Ann took assembly, with only a little help from school herad Mrs Higgs. Everyone thought they did very well.

Nico, Leah and Reece did 1st and 2nd break duty. Emmie-Lou was the Oak Class Teacher with Yolanda and Tabitha being the Teaching Assistants. The class got to draw round someone and change them into a super hero.

Emmie-Lou also got to do break time duty with the little ones. It was a fun day, said pupils but they admitted it was an eye-opener to find out how hard the grown ups work.