Python and Croc on menu as Rye Restaurant goes completely wild

Dev Chef
Dev Chef

RYE diners will be able to sample fillet of python or slow cooked crocodile as a local restaurant unveils its wild and exotic menu.

If that does not wet your appetite, how about ostrich brochette or pan grilled zebra steak.

The menu has been devise by award winning chef Dev Biswal to coincide with the opening of a new outdoor eating are at the Ambrette, in Rye High Street.

Also on the menu is bison, water buffalo and kangaroo alongside more traditional fayre and vegetarian options.

The Ambrette has installed a Tandoor oven and Indian charcoal barbecue in the Magnolia Garden of White Vine House.

Gastro tourists from London and beyond have flocked to the restaurant since it opened last autumn.

Dev says that as long as the habitat is protected and hunting is sustainable, there are many advantages to eating wild animals over those that are farmed.

He said: “The exotic meats taste amazing. Like everything else in life you don’t know it until you have experienced it.

“Sometimes people laugh at me for admiring a specific vegetable, a species of fish or certain meat. The rarer the ingredient, the more it fires me up. It is naturally exciting when there is an opportunity to cook exotic meets.

The boneless python, from Vietnam, is flamed with Indian dark rum then slow cooked for five hours in a tomato and onion sauce, while the crocodile is slow cooked for several hours in an aromatic coastal Indian style sauce of coconut, tamarind and spices.

The barbecue area seats up to 16 guests and is open on a weather dependent basis.

Diners wishing to check that a certain dish is on the menu are advised to call a few days in advance to check availability.

Now Dev is just waiting for the British summer to arrive.