Quality wins day at Iden Autumn Show

Anne Banning.
Anne Banning.

THE weather was to blame for reduced entries at Iden and Playden Garden Society’s Autumn Flower and Produce Show on Saturday.

But what was lacking in quantity was made up for in quality.

The Daphne Lightfoot trophy for Dahlias was won by Mrs. Ann Banning, who also won the Park Farm Trophy. The Elms Award for Floral Art was won by Mrs. Janet Johnson.

The Raffle prize for a Pot Plant went to Mrs Carol Worwood. Jenny Robinson won the Tate Trophy for Fruit and vegetables.

The Mrs. Roberts Cup for the Domestic section was shared by Mrs. Yvonne Metcalf and Mrs Carol Worwood. For beautiful photographs of her garden, Mrs. Janet Johnson won the Albert Cup. She also won the Oxenbridge Cup for a funny vegetable animal.

A new award was presented at this show to commemorate Brian Hargreaves. This is for the highest aggregate number of points throughout the year for miniature Floral Art. The first award went to Mrs. Gwyneth Parsons.

The Herringfield trophy for the most points in the show was awarded to Mrs. Carol Worwood.