Real fear that bus cuts could cause isolation

bus campaign SUS-140807-151950001
bus campaign SUS-140807-151950001

Rye Labour candidate Sarah Owen has raised fears that people in rural areas could become isolated if plans to slash funding for bus services go ahead.

There are concerns over the 326 bus that serves Rye town and is used by many people to attend appointments at Rye Hospital.

Sarah Owen has launched a campaign against the cuts and said: “The county appear to have chosen to target Rye and Hastings for the most serious service reductions with 60% of the severe cuts to services operating in this constituency.

“These bus routes are a lifeline to Rye and our villages, which is why we will be campaigning hard to protect them.

“People rely on our bus services to get about town, to work and to school. There are alternatives to reducing the support for these routes which wouldn’t be so damaging to our local economy, businesses and the community.”

Pat Hughes, from Rye and District Community Transport, believes the county council may have their data wrong on the 326 service, thinking it only goes to Broad Oak a few times a week when it also serves Rye and those living at Cadborough Cliff and Tilling Green.

She said: “We will be looking at alternative means to support the cost of the full service. It is essential that the 326 operates as it does at the moment.

“People also use that service to get to work. It is very worthwhile to maintain it.

“One of the ideas being floated is that lower levels of council like Rother could help support services.

“Rother, in spite of its many promises, has never given anything to community transport in Rye and, in light of their current constraints, I doubt that they ever will.

Sarah’s petition against the changes is available at

The County Council’s consultation runs until 28th September 2014 and is available in libraries and on buses and is also online at