Restaurant is listed in site’s top 100 best

Dev Award
Dev Award

THE Ambrette restaurant in Rye High Street has been listed in the top 100 in Britain by dining web-site toptable.

The Ambrette offers a contemporary interpretation on Indian cuisine and is run by award-winning chef Dev Biswal.

It prides itself on using locally sourced ingredients .

The top 100 list was unveiled at a recent annual Diners’ Choice Awards.

The awards represent the combined opinions of more than 340,000 reviews submitted in the last year by verified toptable diners for approximately 4,000 restaurants across the UK.

The Ambrette is in the same company as Gordon Ramsay’s London restaurant and restaurants run by Heston Blumenthal such as the Fat Duck, in Bray, and Dinner in London.

“The restaurants on the Top 100 list take every opportunity to deliver a superb dining experience and represent a collection of wonderfully diverse restaurants across the UK,” said toptable Head of Restaurant Relations, Lucy Taylor. “These restaurants are consistently getting it right on every level, from first-rate ambience and service to wine lists and dishes that rarely fail to impress.”

The list was complied from more than 340,000 reviews collected from verified toptable diners between November 14 2012 and November 15 2013.

All restaurants with a minimum number of qualifying reviews were included for consideration.

Qualifying restaurants were then sorted according to a score calculated from each restaurant’s average rating in the “overall” category along with that restaurant’s rating relative to others in the same metropolitan area and the average number of restaurants reviewed by diners who reviewed that restaurant.