Reunion date for Rye school

Freda Gardham School, Rye. 17/7/08
Freda Gardham School, Rye. 17/7/08

A date has been set for a reunion weekend for former pupils and staff of Rye’s Freda Gardham School.

The school, at New Road, closed a few years ago with the opening of the new Rye Primary.

It is now used as a base for Rye area charity ARRCC and a home for local artists.

Sam Williams the Events Co Ordinator thought that it was time that a school reunion was planned.

He is putting together a team to help with this great project, If you would like to get involved or If you’ve got photos, stories, memories, anything that you would like to share, he would like to hear from you.

So that there will be time for the news to go around, the reunion is planned for the weekend of the 16th and 17th May.

Contact: Sam Williams on: 07799 771 961 or email him at: