Ritchie Hypnotix at the Comet pub

Ritchie Hypnotix
Ritchie Hypnotix

AN EVENING of psychological entertainment with Ritchie Hypnotix - The Mentalist is on next Saturday (March 29).

This is a highly interactive performance and promises to be one of the most amazing live shows you will ever see.

It will undoubtedly leave you wondering if mankind has only scratched the surface of our potential, as he takes you on a journey through the wonders of the human mind with mind reading, subliminal influence, psychological direction and hypnosis all being a part of his show.

Time and time again stunned audiences at his performances ask themselves “How does he do it?”

Ritchie Hypnotix (real name Campbell) is not a psychic nor an illusionist.

He doesn’t use any magic tricks, employ audience plants, or use hidden ear pieces. So what exactly is he?

To find out pop down to the Comet pub, in Harley Shute Road, St Leonards for the show.

Please arrive by 8pm as the performance starts at 8.30pm.

This will be Ritchie’s last public show in Hastings for a while so don’t miss out on what is expected to be a fantastic show for audiences.