River inspires exhibition

RYE’S river walk provides the inspiration for an exciting new exhibition of drawings, paintings and ceramic pieces by acclaimed artists Denise Franklin and Sarah Palmer.

The exhibition, which opens on Sunday at Rye’s School Creative Centre, New Road, and runs until July 22, from 10am - 4pm, follows a month-long studio residency.

Sarah, who works in sculpture and ceramics, and Denise, who is a painter, collaborate to develop works inspired by their observations of the landscape. “We have used the experience of regularly meeting to draw in the landscape as a way of sharing thoughts about our creative practice,” Sarah says.

Denise continues: “As well as instilling a discipline that feeds into our studio work, the collaborative nature of this work has been the backbone of several landscape-inspired exhibitions.”

They have chosen as their inspiration the river path running close to The School’s grounds. “The final showing of experimental and exploratory pieces will be drawn from work made during our residency inspired by the sights and sounds that absorb us while we walk along the route,” Denise explains.

Denise and Sarah have shown their work widely both here and abroad, with joint exhibitions in Hastings, Rye, London, Belgium and New York.

Their residency at The School Creative Centre will culminate in a one-day workshop on Saturday 23 July, where the artists will share their techniques and approaches to observing and recording what they see in nature. River Walk, Talk, Draw and Eat aims to give people the confidence and the opportunity to experiment with materials and processes, and explore simple techniques that will help illuminate their professional and creative lives.

Further information about the workshop can be found at www.theschoolcreativecentre.co.uk