River-side tales are brought to life at Brede

Willows 2
Willows 2

Brede Players, under the tutelage of directors Bobbi Boud and Sue Sturmey brought Toad of Toad Hall to life with some wonderful performances, perfectly pitched sing-alongs and breath-taking set design.

The story follows the ever more dangerous (and illegal) exploits of the flamboyant Mr.Toad. Enthralled, we watch as he and his river bank-dwelling chums Ratty, Mole and the venerable Badger do battle with the despicable weasels of the wild wood not to mention the law.

Verity Page was excellent as the lazy, good for nothing but overtly charming Mr.Toad, while Katherine Fry (Ratty) and Maggie Wharton (Mole) did their level best to keep the loveable scoundrel from the clutches of pantomime villain and Chief Weasel Jo Page.

Mike Bendell’s hilariously repetitious Melchit-come-Churchill take on Badger had the audience in stitches as did Les Nottage’s solemn and drearily resigned portrayal of Albert the horse, Mr.Toad’s transport of choice prior to that fateful first sighting of the motor car, poop, poop.

The whole cast and backstage crew are to be congratulated on a job, not only well done, but slickly produced and lovingly crafted.

All in all my three young children and I had a splendid, fun-filled afternoon in the company of The Brede Players and can’t wait for next year’s booing, hissing and belly laughing to come round.