Roads in ancient town of Winchelsea in a dreadful state

VEHICLES using the historic town of Winchelsea as a rat-run are causing roads to crumble.

Roads in the town scarred by deep pot-holes were due to be repaired on June 4 but the work had to be abandoned after contractors turned up with the wrong equipment.

Now residents are waiting on East Sussex County Council to find a new slot for the repair work.

Residents have had long standing concerns over the level of traffic using the town a rat-run instead of using the main A259.

With police backing they have even taken to the streets with speed cameras to record the numbers of speeding vehicles.

The drivers then receive a warning letter from police and could face prosecution for repeat offences.

Repair work has already been carried out to mend deep ruts in the road near Greyfriars but now the road surface of High Street and German Street is in a poor state.

Residents of High Street and German Street were sent leaflets about the work prior to the June 4 date and posters and roadworks signs were put in place.

It is unclear as to how long it will be before the work is rescheduled again.

There are also ongoing problems in Winchelsea with the railing at Strand Hill.

One of the posts supporting the handrail running along the path by the cliff edge was leaning over and the rail displaced.

This deteriorated and further sections of the post and handrail are now in danger of falling completely down the cliff.

The rail is in part of the Conservation Area of the town and is seen as a landmark feature.

It is a safety issue as the path is used by parents taking children to school.

The ward councillors have been asking that the county council takes action to make the path safe.