Rother District Council elections - result

THERE were a few changes in today’s Rother District Council elections, with four independent candidates standing winning a seat, along with two gains by the Labour Party.

All independent candidates standing in Bexhill gained seats.

Overall control of the council remains with a heavy Conservative majority of 27.

The Liberal Democrats took the heaviest losses, dropping from eight seats to five.

The turnout was the highest in several years, averaging at 48 per cent, almost half of the total electorate.

Of the 38 new Rother councillors, 27 are Conservative, five are Lib Dem, four are Independent and two are Labour.

The results for the entire district are as follows (in alphabetical order):

BATTLE TOWN - two Lib Dem councillors

Richard Body, Labour, 276 votes

Kevin Dixon, Lib Dem, 778 votes (elected)

Kathryn Field, Lib Dem, 960 (elected)

Margaret Howell, Cons, 640

Norma Landsdowne, Cons, 529

Andrew Ratcliffe, Green, 261

TURNOUT: 48.01 per cent

BEXHILL CENTRAL - two Conservative councillors

Richard Carroll, Cons, 666 votes (elected)

Suze Clemitson Youde, Lab, 531 votes

Neil Francis, Lib Dem, 347 votes

Joy Hughes, Cons, 674 votes (elected)

Paul Theaker, Labour, 482 votes

TURNOUT: 37.65 per cent

BEXHILL COLLINGTON - two Independent councillors

Kate Bird, Lab, 239 votes

John Lee, Ind, 1,096 votes (elected)

Toni Mansi, Ind, 1,034 (elected)

Shirley Miller, Cons, 819 votes

Gillian Wheeler, Cons, 871 votes

TURNOUT: 57.45 per cent

BEXHILL KEWHURST - two Conservative councillors

Yvonne Cleland, Lab, 426 votes

Brian Kentfield, Cons, 1,244 votes (elected)

Martin Kenward, Cons, 1,132 votes (elected)

John Zipperlen, Lib Dem, 575 votes

TURNOUT: 51.6 per cent

BEXHILL OLD TOWN - two Lib Dem councillors

Alan Bearne, Labour, 287 votes

Gaynor Gough, Cons, 502 votes

Frances Winterborn, Lib Dem, 539 votes (elected)

Stuart Wood, Lib Dem, 511 votes (elected)

TURNOUT: 42.67 per cent

BEXHILL SACKVILLE - two Conservative councillors

Vivienne Bond, Lib Dem, 581 votes

Toby Cook, Lib Dem, 520 votes

Patrick Douart, Cons, 727 votes (elected)

Russell Meredith, Lab, 337 votes

Deirdre Williams, Cons, 750 votes (elected)

TURNOUT: 45.92 per cent

BEXHILL ST MARKS - one Independent and one Conservative councillor

Robert Chase, Cons, 837

Stuart Earl, Ind, 1005 votes (elected)

Joanne Gadd, Cons, 980 votes (elected)

Rachel Hills, Lib Dem, 494 votes

Andrew Shepherd, Lab, 213 votes

TURNOUT: 54.71 per cent

BEXHILL ST MICHAELS - one Independent and one Conservative councillor

Charles Clark, Ind, 996 votes (elected)

Philipa Coughlan, Lab, 344 votes

Simon Elford, Cons, 540 votes (elected)

Martyn Forster, Lib Dem, 480 votes

TURNOUT: 42.54 per cent

BEXHILL ST STEPHENS - two Conservative councillors

Paul Courtel, Lab, 465 votes

Bridget George, Cons, 830 votes (elected)

Paul Lendon, Cons, 796 voted (elected)

Barbara Warburton, Lib Dem, 445 votes

TURNOUT: 41.23 per cent

BEXHILL SIDLEY - one Conservative and one Labour councillor

Abul Azad, Cons, 596 votes

Jim Carroll, Cons, 825 votes (elected)

Andrew Fleming, Lab, 619 votes

Maurice Watson, Lab, 624 votes (elected)

TURNOUT: 38.96 per cent

BREDE VALLEY - two Conservative councillors

Linda Harland, Labour, 429 votes

Jonathan Johnson, Cons, 1,173 votes (elected)

Carl Maynard, Cons, 1,117 votes (elected)

Margaret Sandra, Lab, 439 votes

John Smith, Lib Dem, 295 votes

TURNOUT: 48.5 per cent

CROWHURST - one Conservative councillor

Angharad Davies, Cons, 549 votes (elected)

John Kemp, Lib Dem, 394 votes

Tim Macpherson, Lab, 119 votes

TURNOUT: 52.55 per cent

DARWELL - two Conservative councillors

Brian Basham, Labour, 228 votes

Tracy Dixon, Lib Dem, 363 votes

Thomas Sayer, Lib Dem, 341 votes

David Vereker, Cons, 1,168 votes (elected)

Andrew Wedmore, Green, 386 votes

Bob White, Cons, 1,016 votes (elected)

TURNOUT: 48.73 per cent

EASTERN ROTHER - two Conservative councillors

Nicholas Cleveland-Stevens, Lib Dem, 237 votes

Chris Mears, Lab, 564 votes

Paul Osborne, Cons, 1,083 votes (elected)

Nick Ramus, Cons, 1,039 votes (elected)

Nick Warren, Lab, 510 votes

TURNOUT: 49.76 per cent

EWHURST AND SEDLESCOMBE - one Conservative councillor

Tony Ganly, Cons, 790 votes (elected)

Angus Gilloughley, Lib Dem, 228 votes

TURNOUT: 51.56 per cent

MARSHAM - two Conservative councillors

Bob Ball, Lab, 377 votes

Roger Bird, Cons, 1,206 votes (elected)

Derek Greenup, Lib Dem, 247 votes

Jonathan Lee, Lab, 334 votes

Robin Patten, Cons, 1,165 votes (elected)

TURNOUT: 53.98 per cent

ROTHER LEVELS - two Conservative councillors

Jennifer Als, Lib Dem, 533 votes

Ian Jenkins, Cons, 1,154 votes (elected)

Martin Mooney, Cons, 1,219 votes (elected)

Susan Schlesinger, Lib Dem, 495 votes

TURNOUT: 51.40 per cent

RYE - one Conservative and one Labour councillor

Sonia Holmes, Lib Dem, 280 votes

Nigel Jennings, Lab, 488 votes

David Russell, Cons, 620 votes (elected)

Christopher Saint, Cons, 459 votes

Mary Smith, Ind, 470 votes

Sam Souster, Lab, 577 seats (elected)

David Wright, Ind, 214 votes

TURNOUT: 50.24 per cent

SALEHURST - one Conservative and one Lib Dem councillor

Graham Browne, Cons, 838 votes (elected)

Bob Collins, Lab, 202 votes

Stephen Hardy, Lib Dem, 711 votes

Susan Prochak, Lib Dem, 958 votes (elected)

TURNOUT: 50.96 per cent

TICEHURST AND ETCHINGHAM - two Conservative councillors

Mary Barnes, Cons, 1,050 votes (elected)

Gavin Barrass, Lib Dem, 366 votes

Robert Elliston, Cons, 1,060 votes (elected)

Peggy Langdown, Lib Dem, 403 votes

Don Nicholls, Green, 268 votes

TURNOUT: 50.20 per cent

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