Rother ready to get rid of Rye’s loos

Ypres Castle Toilets
Ypres Castle Toilets

ROTHER Council has said it is no longer convenient for them to run Rye’s public toilets.

And they have indicated that some toilets may have to close if the Town Council is not prepared to foot the bill for maintaining them.

Cllr Mike Eve slammed the proposals and said: “Rother are quite happy to take the money from tourists and visitors but are not prepared to provide facilities for them.”

Rye Council planning committee chairman Adam Smith said: “Rye’s population has a high proportion of elderly and disabled people who would be greatly affected by this.”

Cllr Granville Bantick said: “Do we want to sink further into the mire having no convenient toilet facilities in Rye?

“We need to maintain standards for our visitors and citizens alike.

Toilets facing the axe include those at Station Approach , The Gun Garden and The Strand.

Cllr Angharad Davies , chairman of Rother Council’s devolution Working Group, said: “Rother has limited funds to spend on public conveniences .

Insome cases, if the Town Council cannot take on responsibilty for a public convenience, then there is a potential that the service will not be continued.

There is no guarantee that they will be retained by Rother .