Rotting animal remains dumped

SIX bin liners full of rotting animal remains were dumped on a driveway in a country lane.

A local resident made the grim discovery outside the Brede Wastewater Treatment Works, Stubb Lane, Brede, on August 20.

The stinking remains were crawling with maggots.

In fact they were so badly decomposed it was impossible to tell what kind of animals were in the bag.

The carcasses were described as ‘sheep or pig sized’.

Police have said the incident is not suspicious and no arrests have been made.

No similar incidents have been reported in the local area but the origin of the dumped remains is a mystery.

Rother District Council’s Environmental Health department claim they were not informed about the gruesome find and the authority has since launched its own investigation.

In 2009 Rother was named as the fifth worst fly-tipping black-spot in Sussex with 967 incidents reported.

But it is not as bad as neighbouring Hastings which had nearly 3,500 reports in the same period.

Since then Rother has set up the Sense of Place team, a unit which specialises in tackling fly-tipping.

The council has also brought a number of prosecutions against fly-tippers, including father and son duo Robert and Matthew Bilsby who illegally disposed of waste collected through their skip hire business on land they rented in Westfield.

Fly-tippers can be taken to court and if convicted could face up to five years imprisonment, a fine of up to £50,000, or both.