Run away to the 21st century circus show

Featuring 50 acts in 50 minutes, Gerry Cottle’s WOW Circus will be at Glyne Gap, Bexhill Road, until July 30.

Gerry brings together a host of world class circus acts from around the globe, from rock n roll roller-skates to death defying Sky High daredevils, from international illusionists to amazing acrobats & jugglers,

It is just over 50 years since Gerry Cottle ran away and joined the circus, swapping his suburban London home for a caravan, and his schoolbooks for juggling clubs.

He soon excelled and expanded his repertoire to include stilt walking, bareback horse riding, fire eating, clowning.

Weekday performances are at 3pm and 7.30pm. Weekend and July 30 performances are at 2pm and 5pm.