Russians come to Rye to meet stranded crew


A REPRESENTATIVE from the Russian Embassy was due to meet stranded seamen at Rye Harbour this week as the situation drags on.

The Russian Captain and five Ukrainian crew members have been left high and dry on the 900 ton MV Torrent ship since it was impounded at Rye Wharf by the Admirality in January.

A local campaign, organised by Rye Lions, has been providing food and support for the seamen who have not been paid wages since October last year.

Their plight, first flagged up by the Rye Observer, has since attracted national media attention.

Following a further item broadcast by the BBC’s Russian service, Russian media also became aware of the stranded seamen.

This has also brought their plight to the attention of the Russian Embassy and the Ukrainian Consulate who are now working together to see how they can help. A representative of the Russian Embassy was due to meet Captain Moiseev on Wednesday this week.