Rye cyclists get a rough ride

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THE poor state of the Rye to Lydd cycle path has come under fire.

Cyclists on the Kent side of the border enjoy a smooth ride on well maintained tarmac but when they cross the border into East Sussex - on the Rye side - it is a different story with a rough pot-holed track.

Former Rye councillor Steve Blattman said: “It shows that ESCC have no intention of any maintenance of the cycle paths in East Sussex despite calls on our County Councillor to lobby for improvements.

“No maintenance has been done to this path since it was constructed years ago which seems a nonsense when you consider what Kent County Council have done.”

The story gets even worse for cyclists when they reach Rye itself and find that the national SUSTRANS cycle track just runs out, leaving them to negotiate busy A roads around the town.

The Democracy for Rye Group set up a working party some years ago to try and plan a cycle path through Rye, linking to the path that runs out of Rye from Gibbets Marsh, but were unable to find a solution.

One possible location for a new path has been indentified at Rock Channel, running alongside the South Undercliff allotments.