Rye family flees as tree crashes onto property

Storm tree SUS-140723-102724001
Storm tree SUS-140723-102724001

A family were forced to flee their Tilling Green home when a falling tree smashed into their garden during Friday’s ferocious storm.

Lea Paine, of Cooper Road, said: “We experienced an awful ordeal when a very tall tree came crashing through our garden, crushing the shed.

“I was in the garden only ten minutes before it happened at around 8.30pm.

“We were left in a dangerous and difficult position as there was electricity in the shed and we were worried that with all the lightning it could catch fire.

“We had to evacuate the house with two very scared children.

After failing to get action taken to make the house safe, Mrs Paine went with her children, aged 11 and six to stay with a relative.

She said: “The children were really frightened by this.

“We contacted AmicusHorizon but they said they could not send an electrician out to us to cut off the power as it was too dangerous, yet they expected us to stay in the house.

“Eventually they did send out an electrician.

“Rother were reluctant to do anything about the fallen tree as it was not on their land.

“The tree fell from a dyke at the back of our house, near to the Old Brickyard stream.

“They did eventually send people out to remove the tree earlier this week.

“I have had a battle on my hands for the past 10 years, trying to find out who the trees belong to as the land is unregistered.

“We have been warning that this could happen for years but getting nowhere.

“The children are really scared now as there are six trees in a row and they are worried they could come down.

“We have lived here for 10 years and no-one seems able to tell us who irresponsible for these trees. Someone must surely know.”

Friday’s storm cause branches and debris to fall across the A259 on the road from Rye to Hastings.

Many homes were without power for long periods.