Rye Friends step forward to help

BIG hearted Tilling Green residents responded to a survey to help set up a network to help and support needy people in the community.

Rother Community Friends Development Officer Val Smith said: “A big thank-you to all residents who took the time to complete the questionnaire and also to Adams of Rye for printing the forms.

“Results show that residents needing a “helping hand” in their homes valued having someone to talk and help with their pet as the most important services a volunteer could offer them.

“Other popular requests included shopping, collecting prescriptions, help with forms and emails and lifts to appointments.

“There was also a very good response from local residents willing to offer spare time to volunteer their help and the services, which closely matched those needed. Giving a “helping hand” when needed can make all the difference, especially when you live alone.”

An open meeting will now be held at the Tilling Green Community Centre on 20 September at 7.30 pm with light refreshments being served from 7pm to give everyone an opportunity to find out more about how Community Friends can help all in their community.