Rye glass expert takes Mastermind chair


Rye glass expert Andy McConnell is to feature on Celebrity Mastermind on Tuesday December 22 at 7pm on BBC 2.

Andy, who has been the Roadshow’s glass expert since 2005, took part in the special Christmas edition of the show answering questions on his chosen subject Joe Cocker.

Celebrity Mastermind raises funds for a chosen charity which is nominated by the contestants.

Andy McConnell’s selected charity is ARRCC (Activities, Respite Rehabilitation Care Centres) which started in Rye nearly 15 years ago.

Based at The School Creative Centre in New Road, ARRCC offers a wide range of workshops, sports and activities to local physically and sensory impaired adults.

Andy McConnell lives in Rye and also has his shop there “Glass Etc”, run by wife Helen.

He has supported ARRCC for many years, during one of his recent visits to the centre, he was told that yet again funding had been cut and more cuts were coming.

Not daunted and to raise funds, Grace O’Neill and her team opened a pre loved furniture warehouse, again assisted by Andy who performed the opening ceremony, and a shop in the Landgate.

Irna Mortlock, from ARRCC, said: “This incredibly generous man once again came to ARRCC’s rescue by donating to them his prize money from the Celebrity Mastermind Show. What a great guy!”