Rye holds town meeting

RYE residents will have the opportunity to quiz town councillors and raise any concerns when the Annual Town Meeting takes place on Wednesday March 5.

It is being held at Rye College at 6.30pm and is open to all on the Rye electoral role.

Ian Nunn, from the Environment Agency, will be giving a presentation on protecting Rye from flooding, while Anthony Kimber will give an update on the work of Rye emergency group REACT.

Colonel Kimber will also talk about the Rye Neighbourhood Plan and how far it has progressed.

Rye Mayor Shaun Rogers will present a brief overview of the past year while Rye Heritage Centre manager Peter Cosstick will review the past 12 months and future plans for the centre.

The presentations will be followed, at 8.20pm, by a public question time where people can raise issues.

The meeting will close no later than 9pm.