Rye Observer Comment

RYE is all set for a spectacular weekend with two big summer events.

Saturday sees Rye College students taking part in their colourful carnival parade through the streets of the town while thousands will head to Rye on Sunday for the annual Raft Race.

Both are experiences not to be missed and great examples of the fact that Rye is not trapped in a historical time-warp but is a vibrant town with lots to offer.

If these events whet your appetite for summer fun there is a four day beer and music festival at Icklesham next week with coaches running from Rye, Fingers crossed for the weather.

Advertising boards in Rye have come under the spotlight this week with claims that they present a dangerous hazard for pedestrians.

The Rye Observer is keen to learn your feelings on this - are the boards just part of the fabric of the town and a helpful indicator to visitors or are they unsightly, too prolific and a hazard to disabled people and parents with buggies?

Drop us a line and let us know your thoughts.