Rye Observer Comment

Supermarkets have succeeded in turning a nice corner of Rye into a derelict slum and potential health hazard.

Boarded up windows and overgrown rat-infested gardens are far removed from the glossy artists’ impressions the supermarkets were displaying at their exhibitions.

They were first made aware of this problem by Rye Town Council on January 5 and so far nothing has been done.

Now Sainsbury’s, which owns the majority of the properties, has said it will send contractors to Rye to rectify the situation.

The question is how did a multi-national company, which claims its store will enhance Rye, allow this situation to develop in the first place?

Entertainment Workshops deserves all the praise that has been heaped on it this week.

David Byrne and his team kept going despite an initial lack of recognition and having to cope with two break-ins.

The company encourages creativity in young people as well as teaching industry disciplines and provides support for many disenfranchised youngsters who do not fit so easily into a school environment.

When the Observer visited on Monday the enthusiasm of the young people and the dedication of staff was plain to see.

It’s work has been praised by everyone from the MP down and we are happy to add our voice to that.