Rye pub transformed to Japanese Sushi Bar

Ypres Sushi
Ypres Sushi

RYE’S Ypres Castle Inn is transforming one of it’s rooms into a Sushi Bar for the duration of the Scallop Festival

The authentic set-up will even include a conveyor belt for people to select their dishes.

The Sushi Bar innovation is in addition to a traditional scallop menu being offered by the pub.

Sushi is a healthy Japanese food made from cooked rice (Shari) combined with other ingredients (Neta), usually vegetables, raw fish or other seafood. It relies on the freshest fish available and so is the perfect compliment to the Rye Bay Scallop Festival.

MugiSushi derives its name from the Japanese for Rye. The MugiSushi bar will serve its sushi ‘kaiten zushi’ (sushi train) style - featuring a 15’ long authentic sushi conveyor.

Said Ypres Castle Inn Manager, Leo Rabelo, “It’s so easy to use - colour coded plates of sushi are placed on a

conveyor belt and as the belt passes, you choose your dishes. The bill is tallied by counting how many plates of each colour you have taken.

“We are proud to support Ollie Campion and the great job he has done promoting the Rye Bay Scallop Festival and we are also very excited to host something genuinely new and different for Ryers this Scallop


Full details can be found at www.mugisushi.com.