RYE remains at risk of flooding

RYE is still at risk of flooding says emergency action group REACT.

The group will outline its concerns and unveil plans to protect the town at a public meeting next Wednesday.

The meeting takes place on the Tilling Green estate which has been hit by flooding in recent years.

Homes there came within inches of flooding when much of the estate was underwater following torrential rain.

The REACT group has been carrying out investigations and consulting with experts to find ways of lowering the risk and putting in place an effective early warning system.

One of the ideas they have put forward is the introduction of flood wardens at Tilling Green

REACT has also been working with the developers of the Valley Park estate to address concerns from residents that run-off from the estate, when it is built, will increase flood risk at Tilling Green.

The group is chaired by Colonel Anthony Kimber who was one of the military’s top emergency planning experts.

Colonel Kimber said: “REACT sees localised and widespread flooding as the highest risk and much of its recent work has been directed here.

“Particular issues include the consideration of routine flood and sewerage incidents, REACT’s readiness to co-ordinate a community response and community flood wardens.

“REACT has now reviewed all risks likely to impact on the community of Rye. A catalogue has been circulated to all councillors.

“A further update will be circulated in early 2012.

“REACT meets regularly and continues its dialogue with a number of professional partners about ongoing issues. In the last period we have received information from Rother District Council, the Environment Agency, Romney Marsh Drainage Board, Jenners at Valley Park and Southern Water.

“Wednesday’s meeting is in response to public requests.”

The meeting takes place at Tilling Green Community Centre from 7pm - 9pm.

There will be a presentation, supported by experts and the public will have a chance to ask questions and raise any concerns.

Colonel Anthony Kimber