Rye residents to have say on plan

RYE residents are to be asked for their views on how to shape the future of Rye this month.

The council-backed Rye Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will be issuing a survey in mid June inviting local residents to help set priorities in eight areas, by saying whether they agree or disagree with the objectives identified so far.

The survey’s proposed priorities are based on responses received to date from public meetings, road shows, group discussions and workshops. These priorities have been discussed with landowners, developers, architects and other interested agencies.

They include housing priorities, environmental concerns, business enterprise and employment, traffic controls, community well-being and the preservation of green spaces.

The idea of having a Neighbourhood Plan is to give Rye more of a voice when it comes to developing planning strategies for the area.

One issue the steering group is concerned with is the future use of the now derelict Total garage site in Winchelsea Road. It is also concerned about the future of the Tilling Green School site.

Young people are also being involved in the process. Steering group vice chairman Anthony Kimber says the group has briefed a team from Rye Studio School about a youth video of their perspective of the plan.

To encourage a good response to the survey, Rye residents are to be offered the opportunity of entering a prize draw, with a £100 prize for winner and a £50 prize for the runner up. The names of the winners will be announced in September.