Rye restaurant creates love potions

Dev Biswas the award winning chef at Rye’s Ambrette Restaurant has come up with a six course sample menu guaranteed to add a little spice to Valentime’s Day.

Dev will be serving up dishes on Sunday which include traditional herbal ingredients known for their aphrodisiac qualities.

A keen student of Indian cookery, Biswal has learned how aphrodisiacs are intrinsic in the social fabric of that country.

The tradition of chewing a betel leaf before bed time or serving a glass of milk laced with saffron before the wedding night, are typical examples of how Indians harness the properties of “love potions”.

Dev believes that along with many other things in Indian culture, aphrodisiac ingredients enjoy a sort of immortality in time.

“The skills and knowledge are never lost, they flow incessantly from generation to generations. Traditional chefs are these strange groups of mystic men who secretly guard their knowledge.”

The night’s menu has been created to maximise use of ingredients known for their romance-inducing properties. Celery contains the male hormone testosterone, which also has a powerful effect on women’s libido. Carrots, fennel and onions also affect sex drive. Aswagandha, “The King” of India spices is a “ herbal miracle” that works on reproductive and nervous systems as a sexual and energy tonic with a rejuvenating effect.

The Ambrette is in Rye High High Street, situated in the White Vine Hotel.