Rye road protest woman arrested

A SIXTY three year old Rye woman was among protestors arrested as they tried to prevent trees from being chopped down on the route of the Hastings-Bexhill link road at Crowhurst.

The woman was cautioned and released by police.

Anti-link road group the Combe Haven Defenders is leading a wave of protests which began on Friday December 14 when contractors with chainsaws moved in to prepare the way for work to begin in the New Year.

Around 30 activists occupied trees at Adams Farm in Crowhurst.

One protestor, a 54 year old Hastings man, locked himself onto a vehicle belonging to one of the contractors.

Combe Have Defenders spokesperson Gabriel Carlyle said: “There have been in the region of 50 - 60 protestors involved so far. We are doing what we can in difficult circumstances.If they continue to try to build the road our intention is to engage in peaceful protest.

“What we do here will have an impact in terms of the Government pushing through a national road building programme.

Derrick Coffee of the Hastings Alliance, a group which also opposes the link road, said: “The start of tree felling has marked the beginning of needless destruction in Combe Haven and its tributary valleys.”

East Sussex County Council leader Peter Jones said: “We acknowledge the protestors don’t like these plans, but they need to recognise this has followed a proper democratic process and even been subjected to legal challenges . The road is vital for regeneration .”