Rye’s employment statistics are heading in right direction says MP

THE latest figures show unemployment in Rye is travelling in the right direction says MP Amber Rudd.

The number of unemployed claimants in the constituency in March 2012 was 3,774. This represents a rate of 8.0% of the economically active population aged 16 to 64. The number of claimants is 102 lower than in February 2012 when the unemployment rate was 8.2%.

Additionally, in the rank of all UK parliamentary constituencies by unemployment, with 1 being the highest unemployment rate, Hastings and Rye has fallen from 124th in February 2012 to 135th in March 2012 (out of 650).

The ratio of Job Seekers Allowance claimants to vacancies at the job centre has also reduced to 10.2 from 12.3 in February.

Amber Rudd commented: “I was pleased to see that unemployment in Rye has fallen in the last month.

“These are early days and I am in no way complacent about local employment, but the private sector is definitely beginning to fund our recovery. The figures coincide with comments that I have received from local private businesses, many of which are expanding; I hope that the Jerwood effect will help to continue this trend.

“Looking ahead, it is expected that the new Link Road will directly facilitate land at North East Bexhill for a half million sq ft Business Park, which will create 2,000 jobs. The Link Road will also enable existing firms that desperately need the space to expand if they are to stay, grow and create jobs in the area.”

“This is all good news for local people and I hope that the unemployment figures will continue to fall.”