Rye’s new school is ‘wicked’ says Michael Gove

IMG_9940 SUS-140618-092056001
IMG_9940 SUS-140618-092056001

EDUCATION Minister Michael Gove described Rye’s new Studio School as ‘wicked’.

Mr Gove was in Rye last Friday for the official opening ceremony of the school.

He chatted to students commenting: “I have been to a lot of schools but looking around this one I have to say it is wicked.”

The Minister encouraged students to be ‘authors of their own life story’ and commented: “This is a school built around pupils which will allow them to grow. I am impressed with the fact that they learn from doing.

“I also like the fact that it is an open environment with students from a wide variety of backgrounds who are passionate about what they are doing.”

Attending the opening was Rye MP Amber Rudd who said: “It is an absolute pleasure to showcase to the Secretary of State the rising artistic stars in this town, and the staff who are helping them to achieve so much.

“The Rye Studio School is a fantastic example of how academic and artistic excellence, combined with an interaction in the world of work, can produce some extraordinary talent. The students here have shown us amazing pieces of photography, literature, film and textiles. It was a real pleasure to be at the opening.”

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