Rye’s roads are going to pot

Rye potholes SUS-150128-111127001 SUS-150128-111127001
Rye potholes SUS-150128-111127001 SUS-150128-111127001

Pot holes in Rye are becoming a danger to pedestrians as well as a hazard to vehicles says one concerned resident.

Pamela Buxton, of the Mint, captured these images to illustrate just how band the situation is.

She said: “I believe roads in the centre of Rye are a danger to pedestrians, wheel chair users, buggy pushers and cars.”

Her concerns come at a time when East Sussex County Council claim the number of pot holes repaired in the county last year increased with 65,000 holes filled.

Head of Highways Roger Williams said: “The freezing winter we experienced two years ago meant that 2013 was an exceptionally bad winter for our roads.”