Rye’s toilets are ‘foul’ say councillors

Toilets opposite Rye Station. 13/12/11
Toilets opposite Rye Station. 13/12/11

LADIES toilets in Rye have been described as ‘foul’ by councillors who have been checking their condition.

Cllr Sonia Holmes said: “The toilets are smelly and cold.”

Cllr Mary Smith, chair of the Town Council’s Public Services Committee, said: “They improved for a while but the smell has returned to toilets at Strand Quay and soap is in short supply. They really are foul at times.”

Pat Hughes, from Rye Community Transport, said the toilets by the station had been improved by steam cleaning but that only two thirds of the interior had been cleaned.

It follows ongoing concerns over the state of the town’s toilets, which have been described by visitors as ‘Third World’.