Rye set to hear Morris bells with dancing on Sunday

EAST Surrey Morris dance side will be making their annual visit to the Rye area over the bank holiday weekend.

On Sunday they will be dancing at Peasmarsh Church between 11.15am and 11.45pm. Later on Sunday they perform at the Mermaid between 12.15pm and 12.45pm and then outside St Mary’s Church from 2.45pm - 3.15pm and the Town Hall from 3.15pm - 3.45pm, followed by the Ypres Tower from 3.45pm - 4.15pm. They are at Castle Street, Winchelsea from 5pm - 5.30pm; Royal Oak, Rye Foreign, 6.30pm - 7pm and The Cock, Peasmarsh from 9pm - 9.30pm.