Rye still at risk from floodingclaims group

Rye flood
Rye flood

ONE thousand homes in Rye are still reliant on flood defences to protect them from disaster says Rye emergency action group REACT.

The group’s chairman Colonel Anthony Kimber spelled out the situation when he gave a report to the Annual Town Meeting last week.

He said: “low level flooding remains one of the main issues with 1,000 homes below the level of high spring tides and totally reliant on sea walls and river flaps to prevent them from flooding.

Colonel Kimber says more flood defence work is needed to completely protect Rye’s coastline.

He said: “Ongoing work on Brede Sluice will be competed in the spring and there is lots of work going on at Broomhill, on the other side of Camber.

“Beyond that all other projects are still awaiting funding.

“Rye relies greatly on a network of pumps and if pumps, such as the one at Mason Road, should fail, then it could have serious consequences for home and land owners.”

Colonel Kimber pointed out that many local people may be unaware that free sandbags are available from Rye Library in the event of a flood risk.

The bags are provided by Rother District Council and residents can claim up to 12 for each household, but have to supply their own sand or material to fill them with.

There is some positive news, with REACT saying that the new water collection reservoirs created by Valley Park housing developer AronCorp, seem to be working effectively.

Colonel Kimber said: “We are more or less reassured that the Valley Park flood defence work is effective and that the area now has a greater level of protection.”

He continued: “Rye is a maze of underground and overground waterways and we in the process of forging better relations with Southern Water over Rye’s creaking sewage system.

“Where REACT really comes into its own is in pulling together with the 12 or so professional groups involved in protecting Rye from flooding.”