School anniversary: Sandhurst Nursery School is looking forward to its 40th anniversary celebrations next year so we should all watch out for events in 2015. The term ends on Friday December 19 and it is closed until January 3 2015.

Church: The carols service takes place at St Nicholas Church on December 21 at 6.30pm. A crib Service takes place at 3pm on December 24 with Midnight Communion at 11.30pm. On Christmas Day Holy Communion is at the Mission Church at 9am and there is a family service at St Nicholas at 10am. The Clock Tower renovations are now complete with new lighting on all four faces. It looks wonderful and the parish has had a lot of comments of appreciation of the work done over this summer.

New pavilion: A second application for Sports Lottery funding has been applied for to upgrade the sports pavilion.

Geoffrey Goodsell

13 Levetts Lane, Bodiam