Refuse costs: It is likely that Tunbridge Wells Borough Council wants to charge a possible £1,800 per annum to the parish council for the amenity refuse lorry service. The chairman of the parish council and Borough councillor Sean Holden have protested against this as it will have an impact on the village precept level.

Shop before film: I have been informed that if you make a purchase at Budgens, Hawkhurst, they will register your car details for parking before you go to the Kino Cinema. I am sure the good people of Sandhurst will take this up.

Old School Hall: If anyone would like to rent the Old School Hall for a special function or regular class they can contact Wendy on 01580 850295.

Church lighting: You can have St Nicholas Church floodlit for a special event. Please contact either Bob on 01580 850278 or Anne on 01580 850281 for more information.

Geoffrey Goodsell

13 Levetts Lane, Bodiam