Good news: It is good to see people make good and that is just what Lisa Kerry from the village has made of her life.

Lisa will be 50 at the weekend and most of her life has not been very good but now she has the man of her dreams who she cannot do without and they hope to marry in 2017.

Tim and Lisa have a little home in the back-streets of Rye and hope to do bed and breakfast soon.

Lisa has become a Christian in Rye and the family do not see a lot of her as she is out to help other people.

But this weekend, after Lisa comes home from her church work she will have a party. Have a great day Lisa.

Police Surgery: The police surgery will take place on Tuesday march 17 in the Old School from 11am - 12 noon.

Mothering Sunday: Mother’s Day at St Nicholas Church sees an 8am Holy Communion service taken by the Reverend Dick Dengate while Lyn Hayes will take the 10am morning worship service.

Congratulations: congratulations to Maureen and Tony Relf on their recent Golden Wedding anniversary.

Geoffrey Goodsell

13 Levetts Lane, Bodiam